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Dear Horeca Entrepreneur,

At the end of last year we launched “Horeca in Actie” as an alternative to the monopoly of Thuisbezorgd.nl; A clear statement in response to their ever-higher commission demands that now top 13% for 2018.

As a group, we approached Thuisbezorgd and have tried reducing the commission and to remove the parity clause from the general conditions. Unfortunately, Thuisbezorgd were not sympathetic or flexible and we came back empty handed.

We have indicated that we will not back down and will suit the action to the word. And this is why we have developed the new platform Eten.com.

  • Restaurants pay much less commission
  • The same service that you are used to

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The benefits of eten.com

The platform from, for and by entrepreneurs

  • 6% commission
  • Already 2000 colleagues have signed up
  • Joint decision making
  • Free PoS System
  • Track your delivery staff
  • Developed by your colleagues
  • Joint purchasing advantage
  • and many other advantages

With eten.com – users are in control.

Eten.com is a very transparent cooperative where affiliated entrepreneurs control the daily operations and management of the cooperative through their membership and an appointed board. We have consulted extensively with Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) to safeguard the interests of the affiliated entrepreneurs.

eten.com guarantees a fixed low commission

The cooperative aims to promote the interests of the affiliated entrepreneurs and not a commercial profit and external shareholders’ interests as is the case with Thuisbezorgd. The Commission is not 13% (and increasing) but only a fixed percentage of 6%. This service fee is fixed and cannot be adjusted without unanimous decision by the cooperative board. The future of the platform is also guaranteed because it cannot be sold without unanimous consent to third parties.

eten.com brings optimal cooperative advantages

In addition to the online delivery services at a fixed low commission, the platform will also offer the benefits of collective purchasing power. Please register now and join our platform and cooperative. The more entrepreneurs join, the stronger our position and ability to provide a viable alternative to Thuisbezorgd and the more benefits we can realize as a strong and powerful collective.

Support a child in the developing world with eten.com

We believe that we can make a difference together with you. Eten.com has chosen a proposition that resonates well with modern consumers, particularly younger ones. Our platform provides consumers a preferred way to order food for delivery and sponsor a child in the developing world with a small extra donation too. In addition, part of the cooperation’s proceeds will also be donated to the same good cause.

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